Blue Avocado Reprint Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in reprinting an article from Blue Avocado! Here are our simple guidelines:

All content and materials on the Blue Avocado website, such as articles, images, illustrations, posts, audio clips, or video clips, are protected by copyrights owned or licensed by American Nonprofits.

With permission, articles can be reprinted at no charge by nonprofit organizations that agree to the following:

  • Send us your request in writing. We will try to respond within 24 hours. Email your request to the Blue Avocado editor at
  • At the top (or near) the reprinted article, use the following or similar wording: "This article is reprinted with permission from Blue Avocado, the practical and readable online magazine of American Nonprofits, for nonprofits. Subscribe free by visiting"
  • If you are reprinting an article in a print newsletter, please mail two copies of the newsletter to: Editor, Blue Avocado, c/o American Nonprofits, PO Box 1018, Santa Cruz, CA 95061.
  • If you are including an article in your own e-newsletter or posting an article to a blog or listserv, please "copy" the link or post to the Blue Avocado editor.

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