Contributor Guidelines

Why do readers come to Blue Avocado? Let's ask one:

"The issues Blue Avocado addresses are important and relevant; they offer good advice; and they cover issues in a real way, in a funny way. Blue Avocado is not self-righteous and the advice it offers is balanced and wise."

Those are awfully nice things to have said about us.

The fact is though, Blue Avocado bubbles with practical, provocative and fun food-for-thought for nonprofits because our writers are practical, provocative and exceptionally fun.

And we want you to write for us too!

We invite pitches on nonprofit finances as well as all those topics at intertwine with money in our organizations, like human resources, executive leadership, board governance, fundraising and funders, and life in middle management. We love new perspectives and interesting conversations.

A great pitch offers practical information from practitioner to practitioner. Ideas that small and mid-sized nonprofits can quickly read and put into action. Questions can often be as good as answers, so we don't expect our writers to "know it all." Certainly remember to have fun.

Please don't try to use Blue Avocado to pitch a product or service.

Editorial Requirements

  • Target word count is 500-2000 words
  • Write for easy online reading. Use subheads and bullet points and avoid long text blocks.
  • Articles must be original but may be adapted from something else you've written.
  • Attribute content drawn from other sources.
  • Style: Insight, perspective, advice, case study, first-person perspectives, checklists, quizzes
  • Send your pitch to

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