The Definitive Nonprofit Board Book: Index (humor)

While the complete manuscript of this book on nonprofit boards were lost in a swamp, the title and index were salvaged for posterity:

Book title: Strategic, Transformative Expertise-based Roles Emerging Out of Thoughtful Year-round Paradigm Evolution (STEREOTYPE)


Advice to nonprofit boards, list of published books, 825 - 940
Agriculture, slash-and-burn, similarity to board agendas, 715
Blue Avocado, as best resource for nonprofits in world history, 1
Boardsource, "oil spill incident," 145
Carver, John, why boards shouldn't fundraise, 115 - 119
Carver, John, changing mind to boards should fundraise, 120
Deadwood on boards, compared to driftwood and petrified wood, 224
Diversity, see "Ways to Avoid Mentioning Race," 741
Executive directors' complaints about boards, 43 - 119, 875
Executive directors' complaints about funders, 18 - 65, 94 -123
Executive directors' complaints about staff, 119 - 260, 340
Foundations, how much to pay foundation board members, 415 - 417
Furniture, how "board president" became "board chair," xiv
Gum, Wrigley's vs. Orbit, 76
Major donor, see "Crazy Board Member You Can't Get Rid Of"
Minutes, the Corinthian Logic Model Approach, 675
Nominating Committee, research on why this committee is the most likely not to have done anything since the last board meeting, 15
One hundred percent board giving and other myths, 91
Qualifications for becoming consultant to nonprofit boards [Editor's note to indexer: why isn't there anything in this chapter?]
Reasons given by executives why board members should pay more attention to oversight of the executive, 21 (actually only one paragraph on page 21)
Sample RFPs for hiring consultant to tell board to raise money, 433 - 501
Seconding the motion, most popular board member action, 178
Vodka, second in popularity as beverage preferred by executive directors after board meetings, 903
Zzzzzzz, frequency of being heard in board meetings, 84

Comments (6)

  • Anonymous


    Dec 10, 2014
  • Anonymous

    So funny! I would pay to read more

    Dec 13, 2014
  • Anonymous

    Funny but too close to the truth to laugh to long. Doesn't the nonprofit sector need a wake up call about the universal problem of bad boards? We need to develop a totally new concept of who should be on nonprofit boards.

    Dec 13, 2014
  • Anonymous

    I loved this! I am going to forward to our Board as a Christmas Greeting from the Administrative Assistant! Ha!!

    Dec 15, 2014
  • Anonymous

    Perverse. Insightful. Funny as hell. Very close to the bone. I want more!

    Dec 19, 2014
  • Anonymous I read the list (before seeing it was humor), I thought "I've got to mark this one", then "OMG, I 've got to send a copy of that one to a board chair I know". I've got one that happened to me: "I'm new to this NP that is bankrupt and the board doesn't know it!"

    Apr 22, 2015

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