Economic Downturn Articles from Blue Avocado

We compiled this list to make it easy to find articles related to the downturn, layoffs, and so forth . . . this list as of June 2009

Blue Avocado is a practical, provocative and fun online magazine for community nonprofits. Subscribe free by sending email to or by visiting You can also find these articles by going to any page at and using the search function button on the right column towards the bottom. (More on Blue Avocado at the end of this handout.)

And Now for Something Different about Nonprofits & the Economy
Jan Masaoka offers some unconventional advice, including, "Do less with less." or click here.

Survival Strategies for the Arts
Artist and arts grantmaker John Killacky offers some pithy advice for arts organizations, for funders, and for audience members. or click here.

Nonprofit Layoffs and Furloughs: Do Them Right
Blue Avocado's Ask Rita in HR column gives step-by-step guidance for layoffs, furloughs, and temporary closures. or click here.

Sample Layoff Letter
In case you need one. or click here.

Loans from Nonprofit Board Members
Six types of loans and if you need one of them, how to do it properly. or click here.

Thinking the Unthinkable: Maybe We Should Shut Down
The Board CafA(c) column looks at how to look at closures, and briefly addresses a variety of alternatives. or click here.

Closing Down the Right Way
Bankruptcy can be done well or poorly. A step-by-step guide to nonprofit closures. or click here.

The M Word: A Board Member's Guide to Mergers. How, Why, and Why Not to Merge Nonprofit Organizations

First published by CompassPoint Nonprofit Services, this 50-page comprehensive booklet addresses mergers, alternatives to mergers, reasons to merge and reasons not to merge, case studies, and step-by-step processes. Download the booklet at this link or click here.

Nonprofit Budgets Have to Balance: False!
Blue Avocado finance columnist Jeanne Bell takes a look at when budgets have to balance and when they don't. or click here.

Laid Off by a Nonprofit: Me!
Part of Blue Avocado's First Person Nonprofit series, this is one person's story about losing her job at a nonprofit. or click here.

When You Lose Your Health Insurance
Blue Avocado columnist Steve Zimmerman gives practical advice for people in this fix. or click here.

Top Ten Questions from Nonprofit Jobseekers . . . Answered!

Search consultant Sally Carlson offers some practical advice. or click here.

How to Take a Public Policy Stand
Includes sample criteria for when to take a policy stand, and suggests processes for doing so. or click here.

Downsizing from Employees to Independent Contractors?
Nonprofits often consider this step as a way to reduce personnel expenses and increase flexibility in staffing. This Ask Rita in HR column looks at how to do it right. or click here.

Layoff Stories from Blue Avocado Readers
A fast-read of the experiences of several nonprofit folks or click here.

Are there too many nonprofits? Three thought-provoking OpEds

Word on the Street: The Mortgage Crisis and Transitional Housing or click here.

Economic Downturn: A Performance Poem
A poetry slam-style piece that was used to sum up a nonprofit discussion on the topic or click here.

Blue Avocado publishes on the 1st and 15th of each month to 50,000 subscribers and innumerable web visitors. Each issue we have at least one news/provocative article, at least one practical article, and at least one fun article. Our goal is to change the nonprofit sector's view of itself, to seeing itself as it is: a dynamic, high-impact builder of community and driver of social change. Editor-in-Chief: Jan Masaoka. Partners: CompassPoint Nonprofit Services, Nonprofit Insurance Alliance Group.
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