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What will you do to begin again this fall?

For me, autumn always meant starting over with big ideas and new projects. I used the change in weather and the back-to-school sensibilities to redefine priorities and goals. For those who work in this sector, fall can be a good time to take stock. Maybe that means planning a board retreat to hash out the year's plans or perhaps it's finally scheduling those meetings for that new project.

One good way to make the most of the year, is to make sure your organization approaches its governance holistically. Doing so can assist you in finding spots that might need more focus. For example, is your board operating as effectively as it could? Are your programs still fresh? Have you paid enough attention to strategic goals? What about the day-to-day? How might you grow your audience or be a better partner?

While being on top of so many things can overwhelm, scheduling time for a deeper look at the big picture will pay off in the end. Ignoring sore spots often means extra work down the line.

This issue, we'll offer advice and information about a range of interesting topics. We'll show how process evaluation can assist strategic thinking and will provide insights on how to create more team cohesion. Author, Richard Schwartz will share practical tips for getting more exposure and Jim Alvarez will address the ever-present need of raising more dollars.

Our own Marc Rand will explain how our publisher, American Nonprofits, can further assist your organization in growth. In these uncertain times where the sector often struggles, we'll see how one 501(c)(3) is tackling rebuilding efforts in Haiti in our Nonprofit Spotlight.

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  • Very insightful and reflective post, thanks for sharing! This time of year is ideal for making a change, not just in personal lives but for nonprofits as well, with a change of the seasons nonprofits can mix up their marketing techniques, work to employ new strategies and engage with donors in new and exciting ways, especially with the holidays coming this is the time of year when you really want to put your all into donor engagement. inspiredpeople.org

    Nov 10, 2017

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