Nonprofit Economic Downturn: A Performance Poem

Brian BullingtonAt a Chicago meeting earlier this month, leaders of 35 community nonprofits engaged in a vibrant discussion about all things nonprofit in the economic crisis - collaboration, scaling back, fundraising woes and more. Donors Forum sponsored the gathering. Here's how participant Brian Bullington captured the exchange in performance poetry in the style of a poetry slam: 

Wrong Collaboration causes frustration and the stench of tension
Economic mess: do more with less; I confess I need
A more focused
Hard choices: what to cut so the doors don't shut. Funding cut? So what?
We want the world.

That sounds tragic so be strategic. Trouble lurkin'? Expect less turkeyin'
How do you open the Bill Gates flood gates without going overboard on your board?
Buy in individual tie in.
Special events tickets down to ground level? Find something that resounds, reflects your mission,
Smaller scale chasing a smaller white whale.
Volun-teary eyed? Collaboration, consulting? Tech out sourcing? Colleges coursing with
Energy seeking experience

Data-basement bargain (if you speak jargon). Earned income rule of thumb? Hmm, Good for some. What about overhead? Is general admin dead? Work with the lights off instead?

Brian Bullington is development associate at America SCORES Chicago, a youth arts program that sponsors youth poetry slams and many other programs. 


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