Nonprofit Job Sites Reviewed and Rated

Where are the best sites to post jobs? Where are the best sites to look for nonprofit jobs? This article reviews and rates 31 sites for several specific criteria, and includes a Table of Contents and the Tom Battin Awards for Best Nonprofit Job Sites. We're grateful to Tom and many Blue Avocado readers who sent in their suggestions for creating this very useful resource,

For this article, we revisited, updated, and expanded the job websites we reviewed in our original piece for Blue Avocado (2009). We've also dropped some of the original ones. One important addition to this update are sites that use "web crawlers" to find jobs posted anywhere on the web, and then aggregate them for you.

First, the Tom Battin Awards for Best Nonprofit Job Sites:

But don't ignore the other 27 sites in this directory! Many have special features that will make them the best for you.

About job sites

Job sites serve two audiences . . .

[Click here to open PDF with complete article and directory]

Comments (18)

  • Anonymous

    I am surprised and very disappointed that you didn't include any of the state associations of nonprofits that have job boards in your regional listings. The following State Associations of Nonprofits have their own job board as well as the National Council of Nonprofits ( Alabama Alaska Arizona California Colorado Connecticut Hawaii Idaho Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Montana New Hampshire New Jersey North Carolina North Dakota Oklahoma Pennsylvania Texas Utah Washington DC Wisconsin It's a disservice to your readers to not include these job boards as well. When I was relocating from NYC to MD/DC, I used the state association websites boards, as they are full of many local opportunities - more so than Monster, or even Opportunity Knocks. Full disclosure: I work for Maryland Nonprofits, where we do charge for nonmembers to post their jobs on our site; nonprofit members can post for free. Craig Weinrich Director of Membership Maryland Nonprofits 443.438.2312

    Apr 26, 2011
  • Mr Weinrich – Thank you for taking the time to review and comment on the jobsite directory article. I can understand your disappointment – your suggestion is an important contribution. As I mentioned in the article, we don’t mean this to be a complete list and suggest to all that they tap networks of individuals and organizations in their chosen field of interest or geographic area to obtain the most recent resources. When we put together the initial article in 2009 both Blue Avocado and I inquired of our networks for recommendations of job sites for nonprofit positions. I also did a fairly extensive search through Google of listings that keyed on “nonprofit jobs” or “nonprofit careers” and such. Since publication in 2009, Blue Avocado left open the comments section and I’ve received a number of additional ideas for sites to consider. Specific to the “regional” sites, these are largely recommendations from local nonprofit management centers and, because of space, I tried to provide examples rather than an exhaustive list. Surprisingly, your recommended sites were not previously mentioned or found but I am glad you took the time to send it along. It sounds like it was quite helpful to you. I will review it in more detail and see if perhaps Blue Avocado can add the National Council's site in this current version. I appreciate your help in building this community resource. Best regards, Tom Battin

    Apr 27, 2011
  • Anonymous

    Thank you for this information and thank you to Craig for your input.I'm currently job seeking - relocating from NYC to Illinois.

    Apr 27, 2011
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: Make sure you check out in your relocation and job seeking efforts in Illinois. is the region's largest nonprofit job board.

    Apr 29, 2011
  • Anonymous

    Thank you for this information...although I am chagrined not to see New York Nonprofit Press listed in the regional section. I founded, first, the monthly newspaper (dist. 30,000) and then the website/daily e-newsletter (dist. 18,000) over nine years ago. We are THE voice in the New York City nonprofit human service community. In the last 30 days we have posted over 300 jobs. The website address is Robby Long, Publisher.

    Apr 30, 2011
  • Thank you for the suggestion. I will consider it for the next iteration of the directory. Tom

    May 25, 2011
  • Thank you for sending us this report! We are honored to be listed as the top regional job board for nonprofit job seekers and employers. We have grown rapidly in the last year, and are now working on marketing to downstate Illinois employers and job seekers. We plan to expand to another state soon. Your nonprofit job sites directory has been very useful to me as administrator of I get occasional calls from users who are relocating to another region in the country, and wonder if is available in that area. I use your directory as a resource to refer them to a site that focuses on the area where they are relocating. Thanks for the invaluable service you provide nonprofits and job seekers across the country! Jean Newcomer Lumity

    May 04, 2011
  • Anonymous

    Like your previous writer, I am also in Illinois, in the Chicago area. I would love to see an expanded Encore Careers program with additional fellowships come to the Chicago area. I am a certified teacher, and the education field is hard to get into in this area. With a new, forward-thinking mayor and administration, the time is perfect to expand nonprofit services and create jobs here!

    May 15, 2011
  • My name is Zach Halper and I work at The NonProfit Times. I read your latest job sites directory, and I thought it was really well done. It's hard to pick the best of the best, but you did a good job. It's obviously too late to suggest a new addition to the list, but I was hoping you could find some place to mention our job board on your site (or at least consider it for the next installment of the directory). The site is called The Nonprofit Jobseeker ( NPT has had a career center for a few years now, but we have made a lot of improvements in the last few months, so we are working hard to get people more aware of it. The site is free for job seekers, and contains jobs of all experience levels (though we have had a flood of executive jobs recently).

    Thanks, Zach Halper NPTimes

    May 18, 2011
  • Thanks Zach. I appreciate the suggestion. I will look at the site and see if we might be able to amend the existing listing if appropriate. Tom

    May 25, 2011
  • Hi Tom, Green jobs is the fastest growing job sector these days and a lot of these jobs are at non-profits, industry associations, and research labs. I understand that compared to the overall non-profit world, the number of green non-profit jobs may be small, but I think they are important. So, in your next revision, please consider It's currently the largest and most comprehensive green job search site by the number of jobs (about 10,000 currently). Thanks! Bernard

    Jun 14, 2011
  • Anonymous

    Excellent list of Nonprofit job sites! Thank you for the link to the PDF with the complete article and directory. David @ The Elevation Group

    Sep 07, 2011
  • The 'Idealist' and 'Opportunity Knocks' are great websites, and your PDF file listing has many more site that I want to explore! Thanks!

    Sep 12, 2011
  • Hi Tom! I'd like to call your attention to the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC), a non-profit organization of colleges, universities, teaching hospitals, and research institutions whose mission is to advance the efforts of our member institutions to recruit and retain outstanding and diverse faculty and staff and to assist dual-career couples. The National HERC website ( provides a comprehensive list of all 12 regional HERCs and includes access to over 14,000 faculty, staff, and executive jobs. I hope you consider us in the next iteration of the directory. Thanks! Paula Alfone, Mid-Atlantic HERC Director (

    Sep 14, 2011
  • Anonymous

    Hi Tom, Check out Free for job hunters and non-profit organizations posting. It has been around for years.

    May 23, 2012
  • Anonymous

    I would like to mention another good one for searching all job boards in one go would be .

    Apr 08, 2013
  • Anonymous

    There is new job board for the nonprofit sector. It is called Foundation List, and is focused on foundation job seeking which is awesome! Please see Foundation List is a job board specifically designed for foundation jobs within the nonprofit sector. Find work, post jobs, read news, network, and connect.

    Feb 20, 2015
  • Hi Tom, thanks for this great list of nonprofit job sites. I'd like to invite you to take a look at the National Nonprofits job board also ( It's a relatively new but quickly growing job board that typically has about 1500 active nonprofit jobs from around the country. It includes some great search options that make it easy for job seekers to find what they're looking for and quickly apply (see Thanks in advance for considering the site next time you update your article. Cheers, Elizabeth (National Nonprofits Communications Director)

    Mar 05, 2018

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