Queries & Communiques July 15 2009

* Report from author Tom Battin on the What Kind of Nonprofit Fish are You Quiz from last issue: "Well the results are in on the Nonprofit Fish Quiz . . . and despite global climate change, it appears the blue whale population is not going extinct. With 1,221 respondents (!), 51% were blue whales. Frogs too are surviving well at 10%. Sea otters and minnows are hanging in there at 6% and a surprising 27% are pelicans: no doubt keeping the minnow and amphibian populations in check.

"Most respondents were either proud to be a blue whale or often disappointed to be categorized as something else. My apologies. The quiz was just for fun and by no means a valid personality test. One personaEU(tm)s blue whale is another personaEU(tm)s shark.

"A reader did point out my colossal zoology faux pas. Though entitled aEUoeAre you a nonprofit fish?," indeed all but one of the results -- the minnow -- were animals. Whales are mammals and birds are, well, dinosaurs with feathers. Point well taken.

"Maybe some of you will write other fun quizzes for us nonprofit folk!"

* The 6-Word Novel Contest is still accepting entries through July 27, 2009! Click here to submit your entry, or send email to editor at blueavocado.org. We have a distinguished Panel of Judges from nonprofits around the country, poised to read and rate. Top two winners get a box of avocados delivered to their door! Watch for winners in the August 1 issue.

* Casino and gambling money: For a upcoming feature article on casino and gambling money to nonprofits, if you have experience getting, applying for, or giving such grants from tribal gambling, riverboat casinos or other places, please click here with your comments and, if you are open to being interviewed by our reporter, your contact information.

* Alcoholics Anonymous: For an upcoming feature on this extremely large nonprofit not usually thought of as part of the nonprofit community, please let us know your thoughts about it as an organization (not its philosophy or its practices as much as its organizational qualities): click here to have your comments sent to our reporter.

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