Take a 3-Minute Vacation to an Oscar-Nominated Film Starring Avocados

Has anyone else seen an avocado in an Oscar nominated film this year?

It's not too often we at Blue Avocado take a strong stand on who should win a Best Film Oscar, but we are rooting for for an Academy Award 2013 Best Animated Film (Short) nominee. For your consideration: "Fresh Guacamole."

This one minute 45 seconds has to be the tastiest film ever. Watch it twice for a full 3-minute vacation.

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I'm a big PES fan. You can see his other films at http://www.eatpes.com/.

But the avocados aren't blue!

That was totally awesome! I watched it 8 times instead of writing this grant. Vu

I actually saw the movie in the theater! Just as delicious. 


This video is now private. You have to have a log in code to see it. Too bad - I would have liked to see it.

We're disappointed, too. The film was posted by the movie  director.  Guess since it did not win  -- :( -- it was removed from youtube. 

But great news -- check out the moviemaker's website.  You can find it here!  http://www.eatpes.com/fresh_guacamole.html

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