Take a 3-Minute Vacation Poking Fun at International Aid Groups (and ourselves)

Give your used eyeglasses to poor kids! Ship your old shoes to Africa! Send blankets to earthquake victims! At last, a group of Africans has turned the tables on heart-rending international relief causes with a new one of their own: sending used radiators from Africa to people in Norway who are suffering from frostbite.

This tongue-in-cheek, beautifully produced music video makes viewers question the effectiveness of aid efforts to developing countries, and reminds us how such campaigns can reinforce the stereotypes of Africa and elsewhere -- despite the catchy music.

Now, where is my old semi-broken electric space heater? I think I'll send it to Norway -- and feel great about myself all day!

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This video is so funny, well done, and pokes fun in a thought provoking way. Keep up the great work Blue Avocado!

Oh no - the link isn't working!!

Link is still working as far as we can see. Try typing it in directly: http://www.africafornorway.no/    Jan

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