Take a 3-Minute Vacation Right Now: A Gratitude Moment

From reader Lynn Sadler, President and CEO, Mountain Lion Foundation (and this is her taking her 3-minute vacation!)

The best three minute vacation is a gratitude moment: hand-writing a snail-mail thank you note to someone who randomly crosses your mind to thank that day.A My grandmother attempted, each day, to do something for someone unasked. Maybe write to a retired legislator who penned a law that aids your clients. Perhaps the artist who inspires you daily from the wall above your desk. How about a colleague whose quiet heroism serves as a shining example? I guarantee you'll feel refreshed (and grateful!).

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  • Hello Jan and Lynora, I can't tell you how many e-newsletters I've cancelled, requested that  they "unsubscribe" me, or just hastily deleted. But,  I look forward to Blue Avocado, and almost always delight in an article to pass on to  someone who just asked me about the topic you so timely featured.

    I especially enjoy the three-minute breaks. I'm hoping to develop the  snail mail thank you habit that you highlighted in this latest issue. Great idea, and also a solution for a drawer full of cards that we've collected over the years but just never sent.

    Rosanne Stead, Governance Program Director
    Tides Center

    Aug 04, 2008

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