Take a 3-Minute Vacation Right Now: Hummingbirds

Love the idea of the "3 minute vacation." The [Alvin Ailey] dancers were so different from the cultures in which I live and work, it was a real break. My "time-out" when I am volunteering in Ecuador (at the moment I'm in the UK) is to watch the hummingbirds, which never fail to make me smile. If you think others might enjoy them, I'd like to suggest my hummingbird photos as a "3- minute vacation."

Sarah Clifford, volunteer for CRACYP (which stands for Rural Reforestation and Progress Network Corporation, in Spanish)

Comments (2)

  • Thank you for my three minute vacation with hummingbirds. I felt the
    muscles in my neck actually loosen and I hadn't realized, till they relaxed,
    that they needed to. The newsletter's info is wonderfully helpful, too, but that
    unexpected stop to smell the flowers was AWESOME!


    May 16, 2008
  • better than watching a film about hummingbirds.... buy an Audubon Society approved hummingbird feeder! I live in N. California and got hummingbirds within 5 hours of putting up a feeder. Very relaxing, plus helping our winged friends.

    Jul 01, 2008

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