Take a 3-Minute Vacation Right Now: Visit the World of Fish!

From Washington, DC, reader Bob Kim, a former ACLU staff attorney, writes:

Did you know that watching fish is clinically proven to reduce stress, lower your blood pressure, even stave off Alzheimer's?

Several years ago, I set up one of those tiny 3-gallon mini-aquariums in my office. For a few weeks, I was in a state of aquatic bliss. Every time I was faced with a crushing deadline, I would press my face to the glass (well, acrylic) and watch a small school of tetras swim by. Instant relaxation!

Unfortunately, I didn't anticipate all of the challenges of office aquarium maintenance. I won't go into the Incredible Tale of the Massive Tank Leak and Ill-Situated Electrical Powerstrip Under Desk.

Since those days, I have found simpler ways to enjoy fish in my office. There are abundant free screensavers you can put right on your computer, such as www.dreamaquarium.com or www.fish-byte.com. [If you're at work, check to be sure that downloading their free demos is okay with your technology staff.] Or you can enjoy a home aquarium at work by visiting this site, where you can see home fish tank photos and videos from around the world. I am slightly wounded that my tank presently ranks only #582 out of 1149 similar tanks worldwide - but I'm not stressing over it!

Happy (fish) daydreams. -- Bob

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