Treasured Office Equipment Under $10

Just as master chefs treasure their knives and carpenters have their prize hammers, we in community nonprofits treasure OUR equipment. It's nice to have a friendly, reliable piece of equipment that always there for you. The following are from Blue Avocado readers responding to last issue's Query: What's your favorite piece of office equipment that costs less than $10?

Just for fun, my answer would be the "CLOSED" sign. --A Jean Hoagland

I love jumbo paperclips. They save my fingernails from staples and save me from swearing at paper. I can re-assemble stapled piles back into important clumps with jumbo paperclips!! Work couldn't be better. -- Christie Smith

Early each day, before other staff begin their jobs, I fill my favorite coffee cup and read the local papers for news of interest to my organization or to my Board of Directors. My cup is a long-term companion, something everyone knows belongs to me, so if I misplace it, it returns quickly as if on a string. I choose cups that show respect for people, especially people who are different in one way or another. On occasion I have given my cup to someone who shows they love it as much as I do. --A Darrel Wilson,A Opportunity Foundation of Central Oregon

My favorite piece of equipment is the small foot stand under my desk that allows me to raise my feet off the floor. I have a low back problem and being able to raise my feet takes the pressure off my back. My foot stand was made for me by my nephew, but anyone with a knack for woodworking could put one together. --A Noreen Scott

Staple remover. Nothing else does the trick. --A Karen Aitchison (Health help line and Blue Avocado's copy editor)

A small desk fan that's 5" tall. My office gets hot in the summer, despite air conditioning. The fan sends a gentle breeze my way, so it's almost like being on the beach! --A Doreen Kuster,A Child Guidance & Family Solutions

Having arthritis, I would be in real pain were it not for my wrist rest. What a wonderful invention! --A Sue Schmitthenner

My "scrapbooker's bone" is a piece of bone that is used to fold newsletters. If you take a folded piece of paper and move the bone across the fold, it creates the best crease and makes the newsletters fold flatter. -- Kim King,A Multiple Sclerosis Quality of Life Project

And from your compiler of these treasures: Lastly, one of my favorite pieces of office equipment is the small $5 Ghirardelli Chocolate box , given to me by a friend and which came with 9 chocolate squares inside. Once I finished them (in about an hour), I started using the box as a stylish holder for business cards, my letter opener, thumb drive, chapstick, and stray thumbtacks. It's a reminder of my friend as well as a snack break. Blue Avocado submitters: thanks for your contributions and keep up the good work! -- Keiko Rosenstiel

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