Turkey Giveaway on the Crow Reservation

Peggy Wellknown Buffalo at the nonprofit Center Pole in Montana talked to Blue Avocado about Thanksgiving, turkeys, and hunger:

We go to the schools and give the turkeys to children. If you give turkeys to adults it can reinforce the wrong things. But if you ask the children who wants a turkey to take home, and he brings it home on a wagon through the snow it makes the child feel valuable, he's bringing home food for the family. It reminds me when I and my brothers were in charge of getting all the meat for our family [by hunting].

Children worry about their next meal, if there's going to be something to eat when they get home. They can't really concentrate on anything else, you know, if they're worried about that.

--Peggy White Wellknown Buffalo, Executive Director, The Center Pole Foundation on the Crow Indian Reservation

Permission for use of Peggy White Wellknown Buffalo photo graciously granted by Susan Sermoneta. The photo of children on the Reservation is from Center Pole.

Comments (4)

  • Congratulations to Peggy! Today she is honored for her work for social justice on the Crow Indian Reservation in Washington DC as a Petra Fellow.

    Nov 07, 2009
  • Anonymous

    Social justice work that exploits animals (treats them as things to be used instead of individuals with needs and interests) is not just at all. I would like to see food giveaways that do not harm anyone. That would be true justice.

    Nov 28, 2010
  • Anonymous

    I'm glad to see you giving publicity to Peggy. Will you please add a credit for my photograph? It's the one at the top. Thanks, Susan Sermoneta

    Jul 17, 2013
  • done!

    Jul 19, 2013

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