Twelve Blue Avocado Days of Christmas

Okay now, boys and girls, sing along!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, our board chair sent to me (click on links or see below for key):

* Twelve folks retiring,

* Eleven doors a' closing,

* Ten boards a' working,

* Nine grants a' writing,

* Eight funders leaping,

* Seven pairs of bad shoes,

* Six HR problems,

* Five golden dreams!

* Four insurance payments,

* Three quick trips

* Two unbalanced budgets . . .

* . . . And a Blue Avocado in a pear tree!

Answer key to above:

* Twelve folks retiring: Three Part Series on Nonprofit Retirement: How Much Do I Need to Save? Where and How to Save? What If I Don't Have Time to Save?

* Eleven doors a' closing: Board Cafe columns on Thinking About Closing Down and The Right Way to Close Down

* Ten boards a' working: Board Cafe columns All-Volunteer Organization Boards and Developing a Strategy for Financial Sustainability

* Nine grants a' writing: In Search of Unicorns: Whether & How to Hire a Grantwriter

* Eight funders leaping: Promises, Promises: Rural Advocates vs. Big Philanthropy

* Seven pairs of bad shoes: Why Do Men in the Nonprofit Sector Wear Such Bad Shoes?

* Six Rita columns: Ask Rita in HR compiled columns

* Five golden dreams! If Business Were Only More Like Nonprofits . . .

* Four insurance payments: A Board Member's Guide to Nonprofit Insurance

* Three quick trips: Three of our favorite Take a 3-Minute Vacation Right Now choices: Visit New York City, Ecuador and to the international newsstand.

* Two unbalanced budgets: Nonprofit Budgets Have to Balance: False!

* . . . And a Blue Avocado in a pear tree!

We know you have a million messages in your inbox. Thank you for choosing Blue Avocado! If Blue Avocado is helpful (or at least fun) for you and your community nonprofit, won't you consider:

  • Passing it along with a recommendation to friends (it's free after all!)?
  • Making a donation (see the Sponsor/Donate button to right)?
  • Writing comments on articles so that everyone can see them?

Comments (3)

  • Very clever!

    Jon Funabiki, Department of Journalism, San Francisco State University

    Dec 15, 2008
  • A great way to make access to and awareness of these resources fun and interesting! Thanks.
    Kylie Pierce
    Development Coordinator
    Rome Capitol Theatre
    Rome, NY

    Dec 17, 2008

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