Finding Your Voice As a Nonprofit

In these tumultuous political times, the nonprofit community has started asking important questions: What is our responsibility to speak out on behalf of our staff, clients, and community? How do we advocate for them without violating our 501(c)(3) status, and while remaining an open and inclusive space for supporters of all political identities?

Resources of many kinds: What is American Nonprofits and what can it do for you?

Here at Blue Avocado, we work hard to bring you the most relevant and practical information for small to medium-sized nonprofits. But we couldn't do this work without our parent organization and publisher, American Nonprofits (AN). Working together to support community nonprofits, AN has created several new and exciting initiatives.

Short-term resources for long-term gain

Let's be honest, it's tough to make ends meet. And when you're waiting for a grant to materialize, or your reimbursement check to come through, you still have to keep the lights on. To complicate this matter more, most banks and even many community development financial institutions (CDFIs) don't lend to nonprofits for small, short-term loans. The reasons vary from lack of collateral to bank regulations, and either way, most nonprofits cannot access short-term, unsecured operating capital. Lenders have not found a way to do this effectively.

Process, Process, Process: The evaluation model you shouldn’t ignore

In a nonprofit's toolkit, evaluation is key for making meaningful adjustments that cultivate success.

As nonprofits, we are expected to be accountable to our boards, our staff, our funders, our partners, and most importantly, our clients or constituents. Among the many ways that we can demonstrate accountability is through evaluation of our programs, interventions, and services. But for those with limited resources, taking time out for thorough evaluation can feel like too much for too little reward. Too often, the results of evaluation can end with everyone asking, "So what?" or "Now what?"

Promoting a worthy cause? Don't miss these six ideas for getting exposure for your nonprofit

Do you work in marketing and communications at a nonprofit organization? Are you in charge of promoting your nonprofit? Do you need new, effective ideas that will bring more attention to your worthy cause?

If you are ready to boost exposure for your work, then read on to learn six pro ideas for getting exposure for your NGO. Sometimes, all it takes is a little re-strategizing to get noticed.

Here's how:

Toolkit: Everyday accessibility: How your organization can be more ADA compliant

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, almost one out of every five Americans has a disability. Awareness around reaching people with disabilities, and the fact that more grant funding is tied to an organization's compliance with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), makes understanding and implementing ADA compliance extremely important.

While most agree that pursuing increased access is the right choice, planning for accessibility can feel overwhelming to small staffs with limited resources. However, having an inclusive model doesn't solely equate with expensive site rehabilitations, and making changes to extend your reach needn't be for ADA compliance alone. Accommodating people with disabilities is not only the law, it's good for your organization.

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